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Trail Notes
Everton to Beechworth
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The success of the Wangaratta/Beechworth/Bright components of the rail trail will influence and act as a springboard for the future expansion of the rail trail as a recreation and tourism product.
The Rail Trail presents a broad range of investment opportunities for private enterprise so it is important that we assist and encourage potential investors considering development proposals that may provide supporting products and services to rail trail users.
To achieve its vision the committee sees three development stages, these being trails developed along:
a. The Ovens and Mayday Hills Railway Lines along the Ovens Valley - to 'the Mountains'. - Now complete.
b. The development of a Rutherglen Loop along the Peechelba and Rutherglen Railway Lines -to 'the Murray'. - Planned to commence in 2004 with a section between Wahgunyah and Rutherglen.
c. The Whitfield Railway Line -'through the King Valley'. - Planned to commence in 2005 with a section between Wangaratta and Oxley.
To link each of these railway lines from the central 'hub' of Wangaratta it has, and will be necessary for new 'trails' to be developed. Where possible these have been in crown land reserves, road reserves and river reserves.