Local Towns
Nearby towns and villages

Users should not confuse Everton Township and Everton Upper where the Railway Station was located, which are approximately three kilometres apart. The township is adjacent the Great Alpine Road and Everton Upper is adjacent White Post Road.
In its hay-day Everton Upper could boast a couple of Hotels, a Police Station, Station Master's and Gangers Quarters as well as a small township. Some of the plants and remnants of the early part of this bygone era may still be seen.
The committee has built a Rail Trail Shelter in this location and restored the platform, which is pictured below. Those looking for an ice cream or sustenance will need to go to the township located 2-3 kilometres to the south adjacent the Great Alpine Road. The town has a General Store, Hotel (meals on most days), Public Phone Caravan Park and Fuel and Produce Supplier and on weekends an Antique Dealer.
Please note there is no public toilets in Everton Township and users of the trail should use the amenity at the Station.

Milawa is located centrally in the beautiful King Valley and is known more as a 'Gourmet' region rather than a town. Located approximately 15 kilometres from Wangaratta, it is a relatively short ride for 'accomplished' cyclists from Everton and Tarrawingee from the Rail Trail.
Renowned for superb cuisine, wines to thrill the most discerning and a wonderful array of fresh and preserved products. A full range of accommodation experiences is available in and around Milawa. There will be many a reward for those who venture off the trail and into Milawa, be it experiencing regional produce or unearthing a regional attraction.

Located a short distance from the Bowman Station site is the rural town of Whorouly. First settled as a pastoral run in the 1830's and known as the 'Warouly' pastoral run, the name is thought to have been derived from an Aboriginal word meaning a black (or red) cockatoo, although another authorities suggests the meaning was "underwater".
Farming has always been the major reason for Whorouly's existence, as water and fertile ground has always enabled crops such as oats, tobacco, potatoes and maize to be grown. Produce has now diversified to inlcude capsicums, kiwi fruit and strawberries. Development of the Ovens Valley Railway Line in the late 1800's gained better access to markets outside the region, and this has continued to flourish with diversification of crops and newer distribution processes.
The town has a general store, hotel, telephone and public toilets which all should be of some assistance to rail trail users.

Explored by Hume and Hovell in 1824, Yackandandah is one of Victoria's oldest towns. Settled in about 1837, many tent towns were established along the Yackandandah Creek after the gold finds of 1852 but the Yackandandah site, among others, flourished. Shops were established followed by services, banks, churches, post and transport. The Australian Heritage Commission, Heritage Victoria and the National Trust now list and protect much of the town including its buildings, trees and the central business area. The town is a fine example of a by-gone era and is well worth a visit, to partake in the history and the sit and enjoy a meal in the quaint little shops.
The Mayday Hills Railway Line was extended beyond Beechworth to Yackandandah in 1891 and ceased operation in 1954.
Many cycling tourists and tourists in general now venture to Yackandandah from Beechworth to complete their North East experience.

Mt Beauty
Mt Beauty was established in 1949 during the construction of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. The township was developed by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria to provide additional accommodation for the thousands of workers during the construction of the country's second largest hydro electricity scheme.
Located in Victoria's high country at the top end of the beautiful Kiewa Valley, Mt Beauty is nestled beneath Victoria's highest peak, the majestic Mount Bogong. Its location makes it an ideal year round base from which you can experience many varied outdoor pursuits. Fishing, golf, horse riding, four wheel driving, and mountain bike riding are but to name a few.
Mt Beauty offers much to visitors to the Alpine Region and the town is easily accessed from many directions, from Wodonga along the Kiewa Valley Highway, from Ovens through the Happy Valley on the Happy Valley Road, and from Bright along the Tawonga Gap Road. Journeys to Mt Beauty have previously been part of Bicycle Victoria's Great Victorian Bike Ride and many of the more serious and accomplished riders have returned since to share this experience with their friends.

Like Everton, Tarrawingee Township is some distance from the former Station Site. Presently the township offers a pub and a Bed and Breakfast, but it does have a golf course and many other sporting facilities. Many of the more accomplished and serious riders use the back roads from the Tarrawingee Station through the Tarrawingee Township as a way of getting to Milawa.