Code of Conduct / Checklist
Respect the rights of other trail users at all times by:
- Warning when approaching from behind and passing.
- Wheels to give way to walkers.
- Not stopping on the trail pavement
- Keeping to the left when necessary
- Showing courtesy to others
Respecting the rights of landholders by:
- Giving way to stock at crossing points
- Not trespassing on adjoining land
Help us to protect our environment by:
- Not disturbing flora and fauna
- Taking your rubbish with you
- Using approved camping areas and fire places
- Horse riding is not permitted on the trail pavement.
- Have your dog under control at all times.
- Report any incidences of wandering stock within the reserves.
Protect yourself by:
- Wearing an approved helmet
- Taking care at road crossings
- Remembering to Slip, Slop, Slap.
- Not climbing bridges
- Observing all signs and local regulations
- Water and food for your journey
- Bicycle repair kit and a good pump
- Money
- Mobile phone and emergency numbers
- Clothing for a change in climatic conditions
Look after your Mate:
- Ride in pairs or team up with other riders
- Plan for the unexpected or fatigue of someone in your group
- Inform someone where you are going and when you will return
In case of emergency ring 000. Noting your exact location by way of kilometre markers and named road crossings.
- Trail is open from sunrise to sunset and is used at your own risk
- Motorcycles and unauthorized motor vehicles are not permitted on the Trail at anytime.
Penalty: $500.00
- Crown Land Reserves (Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail Reserve) Regulations 2003 apply to this reserve.
- Help us maintain and improve our trail by reporting misuse and any damage to:
Alpine Shire Council Phone 03 5755 0555 Email contact@railtrail.com.au or Post Office Box 238 Wangaratta 3676
By order of Rail Trail Committee of Management

Remember to consider your level of fitness and that of your group. Allow sufficient time and energy to complete the return trip to your vechicle or accommodation. Alternatively, prior to setting out arrange for someone to collect you from your specified destination.
Break the journey into manageable stages and don't attempt a long trip if you have not been cycling or walking regularly. Consider different routes and distances for other members of your group so all can meet and share the experiences of Victoria's Premier Rail Trail.
Allow plenty of time to explore, to rest and to enjoy meal breaks.

- change in weather
- a breakdown in equipment
- the fatigue of someone in your party
Your equipment:
Inspect your bicycle tyre pressure and condition, brakes, chain tightness and lubrication.
Ensure that you wear your helmet at all times when riding.
Wear a hat, sunglasses and comfortable clothing. Do not wear shorts that chafe. Dress to suit the conditions, a waterproof and windproof top in a day pack is considered a must.
Sunscreen - Don't forget to slip slop slap
Carrying the following:
Bicycle repair kits and a good bicycle pump.
A mobile phone and a list of emergency phone numbers.
Sufficient water for your journey. Up to 2 litres per person on a hot day, more for a long journey.
Food - take some fruit or muesli bars or snacks to assist your energy requirements for your journey.
Small first aid kit.
A change of clothing and socks.
Money - just in case.